Martini’s has been a Kalamazoo favorite of mine for many years. For a few years it was part of my birthday tradition. Sometimes it would be a large group of friends and sometimes it would be just my Mom and I, but I always made sure I got there for my special day. For whatever reason (I’m guessing I just forgot….getting old is hard!), I stopped doing my birthday dinners there. It has been a few years, so I decided that Brandon and I should stop through to make sure it was still as delicious as I remembered.

Brandon and I walked into Martini’s just before 5:00 pm on a chilly Saturday and were shocked to find a full restaurant. We didn’t make a reservation and ended up being very lucky and were walked right back through the eclectic and buzzing restaurant to one of the last small tables in the bar area. We don’t usually love tall bar tables, but we realized quickly we couldn’t be picky because of how busy they were. The table was fine. My only complaint was that the bar area was more dimly lit than the main dining area. Normally, this would be no big deal, but because I like to take pictures of my food for you, it was not ideal. Typically, I ask to be seated next to a window for the best lighting.


After being seated, we wanted to take a little extra time to go over the large menu full of pizza, pastas, and other Italian fare, so we ordered a half order of garlic bread as we studied the menu and made some decisions.

IMG_7517Our lovely server brought over a large basket (which we both said, “this is half?!”) of yummy looking garlic bread that was cut up into small pieces, and we placed our orders. It also came with a red sauce for dipping. We LOVED the red sauce. Typically red sauce is too sweet for me. This was not. It wasn’t super salty either, just more neutral with great flavor. The garlic bread being cut in more bite sized pieces made it perfect for dipping!

When it came time order I went with a pasta, the Three Cheese Cavatappi with Brussel Sprouts and Sage. When given a choice of minestrone soup or salad, I went with the minestrone.

Brandon went with a pizza. The table next to us had one that looked delicious, and I assured him that I had loved their pizza on previous visits. He ordered his with sausage and pepperoni.IMG_7515

My minestrone came out shortly after and it was awesome! Again, for a pre-meal soup it was a pretty large portion. I can’t say enough about the soup. It was hearty with vegetables and scarce on the pasta, just how I like it. A lot of times in soups, I find vegetables to be mushy and overcooked, but Martini’s got it right here. The veggies were just tender enough. They also put a hefty amount of parmesan cheese on top. It was the perfect way to warm me up!

Next out came our entrees.

My cavatappi dish looked huge and delicious. It was served in a large bowl with a great sage cream, mascarpone, fontana and topped with beautiful Brussel sprouts. Pasta, cheese and Brussel sprouts? How can this go wrong?!IMG_7520

It was rich and yummy, but honestly, was way too much food. I barely made a dent in my meal before pulling out the white flag and asking for a box. I will say though, I had munched on garlic bread and had about half of my large bowl of soup before starting on my entree, so it makes sense that I was full. Also, is too much food really a problem?

Bad picture, great pizza!

Brandon absolutely loved his pizza. He declared it to be in his top three pizzas in the Kalamazoo area. I did try a bite and it was so good. The sauce was perfect. Just like the dipping sauce, not too salty, not too sweet. The cheese was drool worthy. It was hot and melty.  The crust was the real star. It was a perfect combination of fluffy and crisp. We both agreed that it would be worth the drive to pick up a pizza at Martini’s the next time we have a pizza night at home. So good.

How charming is it that they serve the pizza on top of an old coffee can?

For review purposes only, we decided we should probably order a dessert. You know…. just for content. Our nice server impressively went through all their desserts without looking at any menu  and she mentioned a cheesecake in the roster. We have a real cheesecake problem, so of course went with that. We had it topped with chocolate and raspberry syrup and wow.


It was amazing. It was a large serving, and even though we shared a piece, it was more than enough for the two of us. Sweet, fluffy, with almost a cookie-like crust.

Martini’s was great. It was incredibly busy, so I will say it wasn’t super quiet, but it also wasn’t so loud that we had to strain to hear each other or talk more loudly than usual. There was a fun “buzz” to the evening. We watched many people walk in and try to squeeze in at the bar until their tables were ready. At one point there was a couple standing right next to our table while we ate, waiting for someone to leave the bar. They realized after a few minutes that it was an awkward place to stand, and apologized. I didn’t mind though. I offered them some garlic bread and they laughed and moved along.

The service was great and the food was delicious. It’s a good atmosphere that’s not too stuffy and a step above a bar. It’s comfortable and cute. The decor is super eclectic. There are a lot of different colors going between the stained glass on the windows and the vibrant colors on the wall, but it all works. It all goes together well and helps contribute to a fun atmosphere.  

Martini’s has been in downtown Kalamazoo since 1988, and I’m sure they have changed things, but there is an old school charm to it that doesn’t look dated. I can totally see why they continue to be successful!

We, for sure, will be back. Even if it’s just to grab a pizza to go. They also have a patio in the warmer seasons, which would be nice to enjoy a cocktail on a warm summer day.

A few things to note… First, parking isn’t great. They seemed to have expanded their parking lot since I last visited, but it’s still not large. There is definitely room on the street next to Martini’s for spillover parking. Second, the portion sizes are huge. My pasta had probably three servings in it. I had some of my leftovers the next day and ended up throwing out the rest since I wouldn’t get to it before it went bad. Again, too much food is really not a bad thing, just worth noting!

Lastly, their price point is excellent! We had the garlic bread, soup, two entrees, a dessert and two glasses of wine and our bill was under $70. When I’m going out to eat and I know I’m going to review the place for you guys, I like to order three courses if possible so I can give an accurate review (you’re welcome!), and for two of us it typically falls in the $100 range. We were shocked and thrilled that our dinner was under that. I even made sure to go through the receipt to make sure we were charged for everything (we were).

Like I said before, Martini’s has always been a special place for me. I was excited that they haven’t changed one bit!

Martini’s is a great place for a family meal, a casual business dinner or a fun date night!

They are open Tuesdays-Saturdays from 4-11 pm and Sundays from 2-9 pm. They recently have decided to not open for lunch, which I have heard is disappointing to a lot of people that work in the area, but maybe it’s a really smart business move to make sure the restaurant stays put!

Have you been to Martini’s yet? What do you order there?

Top 6 of 2018

2018 was a fun year! I started this blog and was able to explore so many new restaurants. I had some that I didn’t love, some that were AMAZING and everything in between. I not only got to eat a lot of great food, but I was also able to use this blog as an excuse to connect with a lot of friends! I loved that everyone that I went out to eat with was excited to be a part of it, often reminding me to take pictures and giving me their thoughts on their meals as well. It was so cool to see!

Today I want to take you through my Top Six restaurants in Kalamazoo in 2018. I was actually going to do top five but I had a hard time narrowing it down! I plan on doing this each year. Maybe some will change and drop out of the top five, and maybe some will stay the same.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this! This list, of course, is strictly MY opinion. I also didn’t get to visit all the places I wanted to get to. Please let me know what I missed out on or tell me if you think my assessment is wrong. Or maybe you agree! Send me an email, DM me on Instagram, or just comment on this post below!

So here we go….

6. Fuze Kitchen and Bar

I’m pretty sure Fuze gave me the best steak of 2018! Their food is delicious AND original. They offer a lot of standard menu items, but with a Fuze twist to it. (Their delicious burger has cheese curds on it!) The atmosphere is cute and hip and the staff is great. It’s a perfect location right downtown, but often gets overlooked! Do yourself a favor and give them a try.

Suggested menu items:

Fried Brussles

Dry Aged Waygu Finger Steak


Read my full review here


5. 600 Kitchen and Bar

I had a wonderful experience with some friends at 600. It’s a beautiful building and the service was amazing. I loved the meal that I had so much that I talked incessantly about it for weeks (ohhh that halibut!).  I LOVE that they use local products for their foods. I’ve said in the past that I wasn’t a fan of Millenium restaurants, but 600 changed my mind! They have changed the menu up since my last visit, so I will need to go back soon and review the more current menu.

So glad that this other wonderful restaurant moved into downtown Kalamazoo!

Suggested Menu Items:

Bread and Jam

Michigan Cut

Read my full review here

600 Kitchen and Bar


Ohhhh Maru. How I love thee!

BEST.HIBACHI.EVER. That fried rice is KILLER.

If you are a sushi fan, it is by far the best sushi in Kalamazoo. If you haven’t tried sushi yet, Maru is the place to do it. If you have tried sushi and have decided you don’t like it, try it again at Maru.

The atmosphere feels young and modern. It’s small enough to feel cozy, but large enough to accommodate a larger party. Another great addition to downtown Kalamazoo!

Suggested Menu Items:

Teriyaki Glazed Chicken Hibachi

Papa Crema

Chicken Gyoza

Read my full review here


3.Nonla/Nonla Taqueria

Ok, so I realize this is two different restaurants, but it’s my blog and I make the rules so I’m going to go ahead and lump them together.

The original Nonla resides in Mattawan and has Vietnamese street food.

The other location is in Schoolcraft and is a taqueria.

They both have the same idea; small town, small building, delicious food.

Both locations have seating, but not much. They would both be great to grab some food on the way home.

They also both offer up delicious specials each week, including desserts. (Follow their instagram accounts to see awesome pics of their specials!)

The owner and chef, Johnny is super creative! You can really tell he has a passion for cooking and great food in everything they make.

Although I haven’t officially reviewed the Taqueria, I have ate there MANY times and tried a wide variety of their menu items.

Suggested Menu Items:

Nonla Nonla Taqueria

Fish Sauce Chicken Wings Pork Street Taco

Pork Belly Bao Taco Baja Fish Taco

Parmesan Truffle Fries Totopos Con Crema

Read my full review of Nonla here


2. Cafe 36

This is one of Kalamazoo’s best kept secrets. I often get people asking me for suggestions or where my favorite places to eat are, and when I mention Cafe 36 the response is often “Where is that?”.

Well because it’s nestled inside a health food store, I don’t think many people know about it. It’s definitely fine dining but you probably wouldn’t know it because of the location. They also don’t have a huge sign or anything, simply a sandwich board in front of the store.

The food has never disappointed me. It’s absolutely delicious! Their presentations are awesome as well. You definitely forget you are in a grocery store! It’s towards the top of the list because I have never tried a bad thing here, or even an OK thing. It’s all amazing. The atmosphere feels fancy and the service is definitely top of the line!

If you haven’t been, go!

Suggested menu items:

Shrimp Sticks

Chicken Pot Pie

Pots De Creme

Read my full review here

Cafe 36

1. Rustica

Wow wow wow. Rustica is beyond. I have, in my lifetime been to a handful of restaurants that I love and have had not only amazing meals, but great service and great ambiance (in my opinion the three things that together make a restaurant great) and Rustica is right up there. You can totally sense how the owners and head chef have a passion for all of this. It’s cozy, it’s intimate, and its comfortable. Just overall SO amazing. They change their menu up seasonally, so you can definitely go and get something different every time.

I made sure to squeak in my visit to Rustica about two days before 2018 ended. I intentionally did this because it was important to me that they landed on this list.

If you haven’t been, you must go!

Suggested menu items:

Pork Belly

Any steak they have offered when you go


Read my full review on Rustica Here

A Feed Me, Kzoo First

So my job as a hair stylist gets particularly busy during the month of December. People have parties to go to, families to see, and pictures to be in so they want to look their best. That being said, it means I work crazy hours trying to get everyone in. All of us in the salon do. For this reason we usually save our work Christmas party for after the Holidays.

I was beyond excited when my co-worker, Niki, announced that she had made us reservations at Rustica.

I had only been to Rustica once before about a year ago and it was pegged in my head as the best meal I have had in Kalamazoo….ever. So to say I was excited was an understatement.

I could have probably gone to Rustica a few times before, but I have saved Rustica in my head as a “special occasion” kind of place. When I had gone there the year before, it was with Brandon (my fiance) for New Years Eve. We had decided to just go and have a great meal and head home to do a puzzle together. (I promise we are not 85.) We found the restaurant to be romantic, cozy and delicious.

A Christmas Party seemed like a special occasion to visit Rustica again!

Rustica is located in the heart of Downtown Kalamazoo on the Mall. They opened in 2009 and cater to foodies, like myself. According to their website, Rustica “blends influences from France, Italy, Spain, and other European countries along with regional Michigan fare.” They also use many local farmers in the area to supply the food for their menus. Pretty cool.

We all met at Principle right next door to have a pre dinner cocktail, then walked over to Rustica.

Lucky for us Rustica started taking reservations about a year ago, so we didn’t have to wait.

We walked in and were greeted by someone who showed us to our table towards the front of the restaurant.

Rustica is small, but cozy. It’s not loud at all but not that spooky quiet like some places can be. It’s dimly lit, making it feel warm and romantic. There isn’t much decor in there, it’s not needed. The room is long and narrow. I was surprised when I went to the restroom at the back of the restaurant that there was a small bar in the back. I hadn’t been back there the first time I visited. It was cute, probably only seating 4-6 people.

We were seated and greeted by our server who took our drink order.

A quick note on the service here at Rustica. It’s excellent. They are there when you need them, almost anticipating your needs before you know. Yet they aren’t annoying. They don’t pop up every five seconds. They leave you to enjoy your food and drink. It’s kind of an art.

As a group, we decided to order a few starters to share as a table. We went with their scallops, the pork belly, and the charcuterie board. In my previous visit I had their bone marrow and it was delicious! Probably the only bone marrow I’ve really enjoyed.

The plates came promptly and they were AMAZING!

I was a bit confused by the scallops at first because they were rather small. But let me tell you….the flavor was BIG. They were possibly some of the best scallops I’ve ever had. They were served in a lemon parsley risotto that was beyond delicious. If I’m being honest, I was pretty bummed that I had to share these with four other people.


The charcuterie board was awesome. The cured meats, which they do in house, were great. I had no idea what meats they were but I loved all of them. There was also a grilled bread that was perfect with the mustard that was included on the board. The only thing I didn’t try was some pickled vegetables. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t 100% sure what they were so I just skipped them.

Charcuterie Board

THE BEST starter was the pork belly. Oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you. It was a mix of tender and crispy. Salty and flavorful. Just awesome. And once again, I just was disappointed that there wasn’t more, or maybe that there were so many people to have to share it with. My mouth is seriously watering right now as I type this and think back to that pork belly!

Pork Belly

As for our main entrees, I had a really hard time deciding! Seriously everything on the menu sounded amazing. I was leaning towards the Kobe Tri-Tip but after I learned that three other people in our group were going to order that, I thought I should try something else. After debating in my head what to do, I went with the Baked Market Fresh Fish. I honestly can’t remember what they told me the fish was that day, I just remember her telling me it was a mild white fish.

Now their one and only (minor) blip in our whole service was that they brought everyone’s food to the table, but mine. They let me know my fish would be right out, but I did sit there for an extra two minutes or so…not long. They handled it well and I’m sure it’s possible they just didn’t have enough room to carry all of our entrees out at once. BUT I kind of lean toward they forgot simply because it was a beat longer that it would have been if it was just sitting in the kitchen waiting.

However, because the everything else was so above and beyond excellent, this did not bother me one bit.

White Fish! YUMMMMM

So my fish….maybe the best fish dish I have ever had! It was cooked (and served) in parchment paper. The fish had capers and green olives on it and was buried in some potatoes and other vegetables (cue mouth watering again.)

I loved the presentation. It was simple serving it in the parchment paper and had a nice sprig of rosemary in the corner. Even the parchment paper that it was served in was pretty!

Across from me my friend Niki had ordered some pasta that looked so amazing I asked to try. It was a pappardelle so it was the wide, fat noodles that according to their website, they make in house each day. If I’m being honest, I have no idea what the sauce was or what else was in the pasta, I just know it was to die for! It was rich, but not so rich that she couldn’t enjoy more than a few bites. It was a large portion, but not so large (like some pasta dishes can get) that it seemed impossible to make a dent in it.

Next, I turned to my friend Chelsea to try her Tri-Tip Kobe steak. It was perfect. A little pink on the inside with a crusty blackened crust on the outside. Super tender and amazingly seasoned. All three that ordered that dish loved it. I really enjoyed the potato that came with the steak. It was built almost like a potato lasagna where they took think slices of potato and piled them up, baked them (I’m assuming) and then cut them into squares. They were topped with a sour cream and bits of delicious bacon.  Delish! It also came with some lovely shredded brussels that rounded out the plate nicely.


We were all brought dessert menus (I always ask to see them, if only to see what they offer), but we were stuffed to the gills. On my last visit, I had tried the Classic Tiramisu and it was the best tiramisu I had ever had, so I would say it’s safe to say that all their desserts are wonderful.

Altogether, we had an amazing meal together.

The ambiance and atmosphere was perfect for our small work party. We felt relaxed and pampered.

The service was on point. As someone who is a snob about service, trust me, they are good.

The real star was their food. I will be dreaming of that fish until I go back and try their next wonderful meal.

What’s cool about Rustica is that they change up their menu seasonally. They obtain as much of their food locally as possible, and make a lot of their cured meats, pasta, stocks, soups, desserts, pickled vegetables, and everything else from scratch daily. So every time you visit, you are getting the most fresh food. The change in seasons brings new vegetables, meats and other foods that are served at their peak freshness. To me this is amazing and I don’t know why more restaurants don’t go this route.

Rustica is expensive, which is why I file it in the “special occasion” category. But I’m telling you, their pricing is accurate. They totally should charge what they do for their menu items because they are worth it! On average, the entrees run about $30 with the pastas around $24. Not terribly crazy expensive, but probably a little more than your average restaurant.

Rustica is a great spot for a romantic date night, a nice dinner with a small group of friends, or a fun place to celebrate any occasion.

They are open Sunday through Thursday from 5pm-9pm and and Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm-10pm. While they do take walk ins, it is recommended that you call ahead and make reservations, as it is a smaller (and popular) restaurant.

I give Rustica a:


The is the VERY first MOST AMAZING MEAL rating EVER for this blog. I don’t hand them out to just anyone.

I am so glad I got a visit to Rustic in (just barely!) in 2018!

Rustica is Open every day at 5pm.

Look forward to seeing my top 5 list in 2018 in the upcoming weeks….just a hint….Rustica will DEFINITELY be on there!!!

Dramatic Delivery

So I had been asked out to dinner with friends. I declined, which is unusual for me, but let me explain. Brandon and I were out of town for Christmas. We took a wonderful little trip to Northern Michigan and spend 4 days with some of his family. It was great. We worked on a few puzzles, took long walks with all of our dogs, played euchre and just got to spend some quality time together. It was my first Christmas away from my hometown and not with my family, so I was a little nervous that I would miss being at home, but it ended up being great! I had a really good time with his (and soon to be my own) family. So anyways, we got back on Wednesday, I worked all day both Thursday and Friday and this dinner was supposed to be Friday night. I also had to work Saturday morning and then our work Christmas Party was Saturday night. It was a busy couple days and I just felt like it was an easy thing to eliminate from my schedule.

Friday afternoon I heard that the group of friends was going to Cafe 36. I didn’t have this piece of vital information when I declined. So, I called up the girl that made the arrangements and let her know I was coming!

*FUN FACT* I was eating at Cafe 36 for the first time when I came up with the glorious idea to write this blog….THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN!

The eight of us arrived for our 7pm reservation. For those of you who are unaware of where Cafe 36 is located, it is inside Sawall Health Food store. A couple years ago the store expanded and added a second story to hold the restaurant. The first time I visited, I was hesitant. A fine dining restaurant inside a grocery store?! But I’m telling you, it’s super cute up there and once you sit and get things going, you kind of forget that. Also, Sawall is great. It’s not loud or chaotic so even if you do recognize that you are in a grocery store, it’s not bothersome.

So, we arrived and sat immediately. There was someone that came around and got coats and took them to a coat check. A server then also came over to take our drink orders. Because this particular group of girls are all red wine drinkers, we ordered a few bottles to share amongst the table. They brought the bottles out after a few moments and had us taste them to make sure we enjoyed them, which of course we did.

Something I really liked about this place is that although we had one main server, there were other servers fluttering around and kind of helping with everything.

So this particular visit to Cafe 36 was special, because one of the girls that was in this group has a brother that just so happens to be a chef there. He came out several times to check in on us, and was able to answer some questions we had about the menu.

The menu…ahh the menu. One side food, the other side, wine. Perfection. Why don’t more restaurants do this?! I don’t want 17 menus!

One of the girls also ordered the Japanese Sweet Potato Bisque to start her meal so that was brought out. They set a large bowl in front of her, then poured (with what looked like a gravy dish) the bisque into her bowl right in front of her. I LOVED the dramatics of this! Also, the bisque looked amazing!

Shrimp Sticks. Yummmmm!

Next out came some delicious starters. We had a few different plates to share between us. I LOVED the shrimp sticks! The were crunchy and delicious and had a caramelized black honey dipping sauce that was divine. Another yummy one was the fried cauliflower! It was incredibly flavorful and cooked perfectly. It wasn’t deep fried so it didn’t have a heavy batter to it. It was just perfect. We all also loved the bread that was brought to the table, cut in little triangles and had rosemary in it.

Fried Cauliflower

Next out came our entrees.

I had a hard time deciding what to order. Everything sounded delicious! I ended up going with the chicken pot pie. And OH.MY.GOD.

So….the server set down my plate and I thought, hmmmm that looks good but kind of bleak. It was appeared to be just vegetables and some chicken, BUT THEN (using the same gravy dish looking thing) he poured the veloute over the mixture, AND THEN he laid a beautiful flaky puff pastry on top of it, AND THEN he poured more of the veloute on top of that. I was SO excited. Not only did it look delicious, but I LOVED the presentation of it all. I think it really helps the meal be more enjoyable too, as the puff pastry gets soggy quickly so it makes more sense to add the liquid just before it is served.

And by the way, it tasted AMAZING! The veloute was rich and flavorful, and the chicken was moist and in smaller pieces so it was very easy to eat. The puff pastry was amazing. I don’t like a traditional pot pie crust because usually they are so dry, so the puff pastry is where it’s at!

As I enjoyed my meal, I looked around and asked about everyone else’s.

My friend next to me had ordered the cod, which was served with a sriracha vinaigrette. I was able to try a bite and it was delicious!


One of my friends got the fried tofu. She said it was really good, but would have liked a starch like a rice served with it. It came over a bed of sauteed vegetables. The lack of a rice was the only complaint! She said otherwise it was really good!

Fried Tofu. So Pretty!

Across from me, the two girls split a Wild Mushroom Cavatelli. I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of it because it was really beautiful! I didn’t get a chance to try it, but both girls assured me that it was tasty.

The Braised Pork Short Ribs on the other end of the table looked amazing. Because they were on the far other end of the table I didn’t get a chance to try them or ask how they were, but I was watching from afar and they looked SO tender and flavorful.

Braised Pork Short Ribs

Lastly, there was a Bacon on a Bone in front of one my friends. We all kind of laughed when they set it down in front of her because it was HUGE! We knew there was no way she would make a dent in that, let alone finish it! It looked very pretty and she said it was really good. She did offer for me to try it, but I’m not a fan of ham (don’t kill me!) so I passed it up. But she did say it tasted like a really, really good ham!

Bacon on a Bone

So we finished up our entrees and the server came around and showed us the dessert menu and asked if we wanted any after dinner cocktails (yeah our bottles we had ordered were empty.) A couple of us ordered glasses of wine and  a few ordered espresso. Before we knew it, that angel brother chef sent out a few desserts for us to share! They were BEAUTIFUL!


I first tried the Creme Brulee simply because it was right in front of me. It was drool worthy. The crunchy sugary top was great and the custard underneath was perfect. Delicious but not too sweet.

Creme Brulee
Chocolate Souffle

Next up was the Chocolate Souffle. It was warm and gooey and ugh…so so good.

Pots de Creme

Next, Pots de Creme. It basically tasted like a delicious chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top. I honestly think this was my favorite. It was so simple, yet so delicious.

What was perfect about the desserts is that you would get one or two tastes of each of them and pass them onto the next person. So we all got to try all of them, and didn’t get too full.  YUM.

We wrapped up the meal and half of the girls were off to head downtown to have some more drinks. I, however, said goodbye along with one of the other girls and we went home and right to bed. I was full and needed to get up for work the next day. It sounded like the other girls had a blast! Although I was sad to miss out, I was happy to not be nursing a bad hangover.

Cafe 36 was amazing. The atmosphere is cute and modern. Despite it being inside a grocery store, it’s not loud at all. We were probably the loudest table in the whole place.

The staff was amazing. They were incredibly attentive to us and super professional. It’s clear that they are all trained very well there and there are high expectations for the quality of service for them.

That food though….ugh my mouth is watering now thinking about all of it. It was incredibly good. They do a great job in both content and quality of their food. Everyone was able to find something they loved. I would say this is definitely some of the best food I’ve had in Kalamazoo.

Price wise, it’s a little on the higher end, but totally worth it. I would recommend it for a special occasion, romantic evening, or a nice dinner with friends. If you have a rowdy crowd, it may not be the place for you. As I mentioned it’s pretty quiet and mellow, which is lovely for a long relaxing meal.

They do also serve a brunch on Sundays from 10:30-4 which I need to get back for! They have a short rib eggs benedict that are calling my name!

Cafe 36 does also have a bar area, but I didn’t wander over there. It would be a nice place to meet a friend for a drink, then do your grocery shopping downstairs.

I give Cafe 36 a:


Cafe 36 is open Monday-Saturday:11:00 am – 3:00 pm and from 4:00 pm – 9:00pm as well as the Sunday Brunch. They are located on Oakland Ave. inside Sawall Health Foods.

I was a busy girl this weekend. I had another amazing meal the next night! Tomorrow, I’m going out to eat AGAIN with some friends and Brandon before we ring in the new year!

Be on the lookout for a few more posts, as well as my Top Five in 2018 where I will share with you my favorites from this year. I still don’t know what my Top Five is going to be! I have some thinking to do! I’ve had a lot of amazing meals this year.

What would your top five restaurants in this area? Let me know in the comments below or on facebook or instagram comments! I would love to hear them!


Supper Club has had a harder time getting together lately. Between the Holidays and our busy jobs, it’s been tricky to get things on the schedule! So on a random Thursday, we happened to all be free and able to meet for a late dinner after work!

The gals and I picked Martells, simply because it was on our list of places we hadn’t been yet and we were all craving pasta!

I left work to head to Martells. I was the first to arrive so I went in to grab us a table.

I was greeted by a couple of hostesses in their large area that has cozy chairs and benches to sit when there is a wait. I told the girls that I was just going to sit in the bar area and they told me to go ahead and find a seat wherever I would like in there.

I had previously sat in both the bar area and the restaurant in previous visits here and I think it just depends on what you are going there for as to which is better. The bar area is a dark, yet cozy with a nice little fireplace in the corner. It’s a great spot for a casual night out with friends, or a romantic evening. The actual restaurant area is large and open with lots of windows of a great view of the small Willow Lake! It’s great for larger groups or a more “dressed up” night out. It’s definitely not super fancy, but just more buttoned up than the bar area.

The restaurant was built in the 70’s and was previously a fine dining Kalamazoo staple, The Black Swan. The Millenium Group took notice that about 70% of their patrons sat in the bar area. They realized that the formal dining experience wasn’t what people wanted anymore. They shifted gears and turned the restaurant into Martells, where they didn’t have the white table cloths and fancy glasses, and now serve Italian fare at a much more reasonable cost!

So the in the restaurant, I can totally see the whole 70’s vibe in the architecture. The bar area has a couple different levels of floor, which reminds me of the then popular sunken living rooms. As far as the current decor goes, it’s not terrible, but it’s a tad dated. I feel as though they could recover some chairs, replace some flooring and brighten up things in areas. It would take a few simple cosmetic changes to get it up to my impossibly high standards.

So, anyway….I went into the bar and found a nice table as close to the fireplace as I could get. My Supper Club companions joined me shortly after.

Our server (whom I cannot for the life of me remember her name as I write this) approached us and brought some menus and took our drink orders. She was extra friendly, which honestly with servers sometimes bugs me because it comes off insincere, but she was great! We really liked her.

She gave us some time to go over the menu and make our decisions.

I was starving so made the declaration after she left that I was going to order pasta! I don’t order pasta often (because calories) but it was cold out, I was tired and hungry, and I felt like putting myself in a situation where I ate a large heavy dinner, rolled out to my car and passed out at home. You know, cause I’m a health nut like that!

Both of my other friends, Niki and Molly agreed that it was a pasta kind of night.


Our server returned with our wines (all red) as well as some bread and oil to snack on

I decided to order the Garganelli, which was a ridged pasta in a white truffle cream sauce with prosciutto, sweet peas and reggiano. I had never had this, but I loved all those things so I figured why not? Seemed good and heavy so I could accomplish my goal of being uncomfortably full.

Niki ordered the Tortellini which was a pea and pancetta filled pasta “hat” served with amaretti, parmesan and sage in a brown butter sauce. She also ordered a small house salad to start. Molly went with the Rigatoni. She is a vegan so she ordered it without the spicy italian sausage and without the parmesan that it’s usually topped with.

Our server left us to munch on the bread after taking our order.

It was AWESOME. Maybe I was just starving, but it was really good bread! I suppose it would be hard to mess up the bread though, wouldn’t it?

Niki’s salad came shortly after we began devouring the bread. It looked delicious! It had greens with a citrus vinaigrette, dried apricots and brie. YUM! I didn’t try it, but Niki proclaimed it to be the BEST salad. She is a fellow foodie, so I took her word for it!

Niki’s Salad

A little while later, our server brought us our meals. She was very apologetic as she put mine and Niki’s meal in front of us, because the kitchen had put cheese on Molly’s, so she had to send it back. It was pretty great that she caught that and took action!

It wasn’t terrible because she brought Molly’s meal out just a short time after our plates.

My Garganelli

Ok, so I wasn’t in love with my pasta. It was fine….with the ingredients I had high hopes. There just something a little off about the dish. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I just didn’t love it. It WAS heavy (but that’s what I wanted) so I definitely didn’t eat a lot.

Niki felt the same about her pasta. It was good but she wasn’t obsessed with it. She was more excited about the salad.

Niki’s Tortellini

Molly loved her rigatoni. I think probably because it lacked the meat and cheese, as well as a tomato sauce, rather than a butter or cream like mine and Niki’s, it wasn’t quite as heavy. It looked great! I would probably order that if I wanted pasta next time.

Molly’s Rigatoni

When our server came back, I requested a box. I was likely not going to finish it at a later time (I didn’t) but for whatever reason I always get a box so as not to hurt the restaurants feelings. That’s normal, right?

Our kind server asked about desserts and we did that weird dance were we all locked eyes to see who was going to be the one to say “sure!”. No one wants to be that person for whatever reason. Niki and I caved and both said yes.

They had some tasty looking things on their dessert menu, but the server suggested one that was a dessert special. She described it as being a giant kit kat bar, so of course we were sold on that!

She brought it out, and I suppose it kind of looked like a giant kit kat, but I would say it tasted more like a Ferrero Rocher. It had a hazelnutty taste and was rich like a torte. I liked it (didn’t love it) but Niki didn’t like it at all. I can’t say I would recommend it.

Kit Kat?? Nope.

So….I didn’t love Martells this time. Its fine. It’s not bad, but I’m definitely not rushing back or raving to others how wonderful it was. The service was GREAT. The atmosphere was pretty good but the food was lacking.

I would say Martells is a good place to grab a drink and maybe a snack. I have a hunch that their lunches are good based on the fact that the bread and the salad were the stars of our meal.

I’ve had a few disappointing visits with Millenium Group restaurants (which Martells is a part of) in the last few years (except with 600 Kitchen and Bar!) so for me, their food needs some help. They aren’t the amazing go-to restaurants they once were. I don’t know if this is because their chefs are the same ones they have had forever and they are just getting complacent, or if the restaurants are poorly managed. Whatever it is, I truly hope they get it together. Their restaurants are often beautiful and relaxing! The food just needs to get to the level of everything else. Martells included.

I give Martells a:


Martells is open Monday-Saturday 11:30am-10:00pm and Sunday 4:00pm-9:00pm .

I’m SOO behind on Blogging! So I mentioned before that we had to put our sweet dog, Madison down in September. Well… it turns out I don’t love not having a pet, so we went and got ourselves a new puppy! Meet Maisie!

I’ve never had a puppy before. Madison was a little older when I adopted her. Maisie was about 9 or 10 weeks. Puppies are hard. I swear it’s like having a baby! She gets up several times a night, cries when she’s tired, plays hard when I’M tired. It’s rough. I love her and she is sweet but wow…it’s a lot of work! So, that’s my excuse about being terrible about blogging. I have been going out to eat, taking the pictures, taking the notes, and just not dedicating myself the time I need to write these out, edit and post! I apologize! I am vowing from here on out to do better! Thank you for continuing to read these. It’s so much fun for me to do. I’m just glad other people are as passionate about food as me!

Be on the lookout for some other posts coming atcha soon!

Reservation Mystery

The Supper Club decided to gather together once again for a fun night downtown.

It was Molly’s turn to pick, and she went with Maru Sushi & Grill located in downtown Kalamazoo!

I was excited because I hadn’t been yet and am ALWAYS in the mood for Sushi.

Molly called earlier in the day to make reservations for us.

Her and I decided to ride together, and Niki met us there.

We arrived and Molly spotted Niki at the bar waiting. She went off to grab her as I let the hostess know we had a reservation.

Molly had told me ahead that she put the reservation under her first name. I told them the name “Molly” and she spent a couple seconds looking for it. There were a lot of “hmmm” and “huh….” going on behind the screen, which I understood as her not being able to find the reservation.

Shortly after, another worker came up to help. They looked a little longer and then the other one said “Oh! Buckley! There is is!”

So Buckley is MY last name and I didn’t call. I was like “How did they…..”

Molly and Niki came over when they saw we were being seated and we went to our table. The hostess left us and I asked Molly if she was SURE that she just gave her first name. She assured me and even went over the whole conversation she had on the phone.

I told her that they ended up finding the reservation under Buckley and we were all scratching our heads over it.

Never once when I talked to the hostess did I mention my first or last name. I didn’t show her any sort of identification. Molly only gave HER OWN first name over the phone.


We were, and still are, very very confused. Any guesses to why this happened? I need this mystery solved! Leave a comment below if you have any input.

So back to the meal….

Our nice server came over shortly after and asked if we had ever been there. Both Niki and Molly had, but I told her that this was my first visit.

She was excited to tell me that since it was my first time, I would be getting a free appetizer.

She recommended the Crabby Mushrooms but told me she would bring our drink order over while I thought about it.

Niki said she had tried them on her first visit here and they weren’t her favorite but I should feel free to try them if they sounded good to me!

The server came back and I decided to go with the Crabby Mushrooms.

When we ordered the rest of our meals, I went with the Teriyaki Glazed Chicken Hibachi as well as a Philly Roll. I know with the Crabby Mushrooms, this was going to be a lot of food, but I really wanted to be able to try both the hibachi and some sushi!

Molly went with the Veggie Hibachi, as well as a Vegetarian Roll.

Niki went with the Black Angus (with Miso Glaze) Hibachi.

After our server left, I was able to look around and get a good feel for the place.

The room was nice a bright, thanks to all the windows! There were tall ceilings, giving it a much bigger feel that what it actually was. We were in a booth but there were a lot of different kinds of tables. It felt very modern, but not too modern to where it will fall out of style in five years. The bar was very cool. It had shelves of liquor bottles that were backlit with a soft glow, making the bottles themselves appear to be glowing. It was a busy night there but I think the high ceilings made it not seem too noisy.

Our server returned shortly and brought over our salads (that came with the hibachi dinners) as well as our Crabby Mushrooms.

The salad was great, very simple and light. This seems like a simple thing, but I loved that all the veggies were pre cut. Isn’t it stupid when you get a salad with like a whole tomato on top? The salad was small but with all the food that would be coming at me, it was perfect. I also liked that the dressing was served on the side. I LOVED the dressing, but I don’t like a ton on my salad so it’s nice to control the amount.

So the Crabby Mushrooms….they were ok. I had high hopes but they weren’t amazing. The breading wasn’t flavored very well. The filling was ok, but again, needed more flavor. Maybe salt? It was just ok. I would definitely try something different next time. I felt bad because Niki had warned me they weren’t that great. I should have listened. She didn’t try any, and because Molly is a vegan, she didn’t either (cheese duh!). I honestly didn’t even think about that. I was a little selfish in my order I suppose. Sorry Girls!

A little while longer, the server dropped off our meals.

OMG this was the best hibachi ever!

My plate had the teriyaki glazed chicken, fried rice, and grilled vegetables.

So for one, I loved this mostly because I didn’t have to watch some big show as it was cooked. Anyone else hate when they try to throw shrimp at your face? Or when the fire gets big and makes you really hot? I don’t know, I just don’t love that. None of that here at Maru! Everything is cooked in the kitchen where I couldn’t see. Maybe they did the onion volcano…..but if they did, I didn’t see it.

Secondly, it was DELICIOUS!

The chicken was tender, not dry at all and had just enough teriyaki glaze that it was flavorful without being overwhelming. The rice was awesome. I don’t know what makes fried rice awesome, but whatever it is, this had it. This was probably the best fried rice I’ve ever had.

The veggies were large and perfect. Sometimes grilled veggies get soggy but these were perfect. The whole thing…perfect.


I tried Molly’s, which had a lot of the same veggies, but in place of rice it had tempura sweet potato and teriyaki fried tofu. I have mentioned, I was a vegetarian for a few years in my twenties, and I tried tofu a few times and just didn’t find it cooked to where I really loved it, but man oh man, this was the best tofu I’ve ever had. I would consider ordering this over any of the meat options! Molly also got hers with steamed rice rather than fried, which was also delicious.

Niki’s steak was amazingly good as well! It was tender with a delicious miso glaze.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the hibachi choices. They were all amazing. Like I said, definitely the best hibachi I’ve ever had!

One snafu…

The server came over to take our plates and asked if we wanted to see the dessert menu. My answer was that yes, I did. (I was stuffed but I always like to just look at it to see what they offer) but also reminded her that we had ordered some sushi as well! She apologized (clearly had forgotten) and said she would check on it. I told her it was no big deal, but also that we were completely stuffed so if they hadn’t started it yet, we could just scrap it because there was no way I would be able to eat any more.

She came back with a dessert menu and let us know she was able to cancel our sushi. She said that the sushi kitchen was just really backed up and apologized again for missing that. It was crazy busy in there, and I know sushi takes a long time to make, so it’s very likely that they had not, in fact, gotten to it yet. Because of the fact that she forgot that we had even ordered it, part of me wonders if she forgot to put the order in. Either way, it doesn’t really matter because we definitely had PLENTY to eat and we were stuffed.

The desserts looked lovely. If there was any room for dessert, I would have gone with the Matcha Creme Brulee…but there was no way I was going to be able to eat anything else!

The girls and I thanked our server, paid our bills and headed out for an after dinner drink. It was a nice night and still light out, so we decided to walk down to SkyDeck and have a drink on the rooftop.

A wonderful way to end a delicious meal was the great view of Kalamazoo. It was early enough that it wasn’t crowded with the college crowd and there were plenty of places to grab a table.

After a couple of drinks, the people coming up were younger and younger and the music got louder, so us old ladies decided to call it a night!

Maru was great. Best hibachi i’ve ever had. I would love to say the sushi was great, but I didn’t get to find out. I guess that just gives me a reason to go back!

The service was good. Everyone we came into contact with was great and super friendly. I’m going to forgive our server for forgetting our sushi because it was crazy busy and also she was great about it.

A few things to consider…

The parking situation isn’t great. There is a lot but it is shared with the busy HopCat. There is some street parking but can’t say there is a garage nearby. It’s kind of on the outer edge of downtown so it’s a bit of a walk to any of the downtown garages.

It’s a little pricey. The quality of food is way better than any sushi places in the area, so it’s well worth it. I just thought I would throw that in there. Most of the sushi fell between $10-$19 with most in the $15 range. The hibachi dinners were all around $20. So yeah, a little pricier but the food was awesome the portions were plentiful so as I said, it’s well worth it. Maybe for a special dinner not a random Tuesday Sushi night (like Brandon and I often have at Sakura)

I can’t wait to get back there! I’ve been craving it ever since and definitely will do a sushi meal next time!

I give Maru a:


Maru is located at 427 E Michigan Ave. They are open Monday- Thrusday from 11:30-9:30, Friday and Saturday from 11:30-10pm and Sundays from 11:30-9pm.


So I’ve been a little MIA lately. It’s been a tough couple of weeks, so just wanted to fill you in real quick before I get to my review.

About four weeks ago my dog, Madison, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I was absolutely devastated. I got Madison about 10 years ago from the local SPCA and she’s basically been my life ever since, acting as a best bud and therapy dog of sorts for me.

The prognosis wasn’t good, but with chemo, it was possible to get her to another year older. I was more than willing to do whatever it took.

About two weeks after her diagnosis, we did her first chemo treatment and for that week, she was amazing. Almost back to her normal self.

Then, things took a sharp turn. Continue reading “NONLA”

Old Friends- Part Two

After getting a drink and a snack at The Stamped Robin, my two friends and I rushed over to the next block over to make our reservations at Principle.

I have been to Principle several times, but only for cocktails.

Principle opened in August of 2015 by the same team from Salt of the Earth in Fennville, Michigan. Salt of the Earth has been on my radar for a long time. I often ask people where they like to eat and where their favorite meal ever was from, and Salt of the Earth has come up several times.I had to imagine that Principle was pretty good if the same people were running the show there.

As I said, in my previous visits I had only ordered cocktails. I have sat at the bar a few times and it’s so fun to watch their bartenders make the cocktails. They all give off a very hipster vibe, and seem to take a lot of pride in what they do. The cocktails are delicious, but usually take a long time to make because of this. If you aren’t sitting at the bar watching them do it, it can be frustrating to wait.

So, my friends Libby, Lindsey, and I arrived at the restaurant and were seated at a table. I love the decor at this place. It’s pretty minimalist and a little bit industrial. It’s a long skinny room, where one side is taken up mostly by the large bar. On the other side are smaller tables along the brick wall. They have several different types of lights hanging above the tables and an exposed black ceiling.

The table we were seated at was a long table in the middle of the room. There was already a family sitting at one end of it, and they stuck us on the other. I was a little nervous about this at first, but there was a few empty chairs between us and it wasn’t awkward at all.

So we sat at the table and waited for what seemed like quite a while before our server came over. In her defense, she was very nice! But still, it took awhile to get anyone to even take a drink order.

Libby and I each ordered a glass of red wine. I told Lindsey that she had to order a cocktail because this place was really known for their drinks and the other two of us were boring in ordering wine. Lindsey obliged and ordered a Velvet Touch which had french rose, cocchi rosa, grapefruit, lemon, grenadine, rose water, and bitters.

The server was also kind enough to explain to us (since none of us had dined there before) that most of the items on the menu were smaller plates meant to share, aside from the entrees, so it’s nice to order several plates and share.

We had a couple menus on the table, a drink menu and a food menu, but I noticed there was no Restaurant Week menu. I knew they were participating because I had picked this place intentionally so that we had the option of ordering off a Restaurant Week Menu. When we placed the drink order I asked the server if we could see the Restaurant Week menu as well.

So as we waited on our drinks, we read over the food options and decided we should get a couple plates to share for sides, then each order our own entree. We still wanted to see a Restaurant Week menu to make sure we didn’t want to order from that….but she hadn’t retuned with it.  

We waited quite awhile and our drinks arrived. Our wines were delicious and Lindsey’s cocktail was so pretty.

A little while later, she returned with the Restaurant Week menu. We probably could have ordered, but we wanted to make sure to look it over. She told us she would give us a few more minutes to decide and be back to take our order.

Again, I want to stress that she was very kind and professional, however, I wish we would have had all the menus at the same time so that we could have our food order in already. We were already eating a late dinner so I was starving.

As it turned out, none of us wanted to order from the Restaurant Week menu. We decided to stick to the original plan and each order our own entree then share some sides.

When our server returned, we ordered the Roasted Street Corn and the Mushroom Fried Rice to share.

Libby went with the Grilled Strip Steak, Lindsey ordered the Brick Chicken, and I ordered the Duck Cavatelli.

We sipped on our cocktails and enjoyed each other’s company while we waited for our food, which was out just a short while later.

The food….well…..

It looked NOTHING like what I thought it would.

Everything was kind of…deconstructed.

The Street Corn was pretty. It had several different types of corn. There was what looked like a traditional street corn with spices and cotija cheese, there was several baby corn (who thinks of Tom Hanks in the movie ‘BIG’ when you see these?!), and there was something that I have no idea what it was. Some sort of mash? Corn mash? Is that a thing?! The actual corn WAS very good.

That is one problem I had….the menu isn’t very descriptive.

So anyways….

The Mushroom Fried Rice was NOTHING like what I expected. It was almost a deconstructed fried rice. I only had a few bites, none of which I think had any kind of rice. The menu described the fried rice as “carrot, maitake mushroom,radish gremolata”. See? That doesn’t really describe anything I saw on our plate. Yes, there were mushrooms (which were yummy). There was also an over easy egg on top. Yes, I realize there is often egg in fried rice, but this wasn’t mentioned in the menu, and it was just kind of laid on top of the mushrooms. There was also three large items that looked like bread or giant croutons of some sort. They were delicious but I had no idea what I was eating, as it wasn’t described in the menu. Also, the carrots were pureed.

So far, none of this was what was expected. It wasn’t bad…but we were very confused when it was placed in front of us.

As far as the entrees, let’s start with mine. It was pretty and colorful. The tastes were ok. Some of the duck was tender and cooked to a nice medium/medium rare, but other pieces were crispy. The cavatelli (a pasta) was good. My only problem with it was it was ugly. It reminded me of maggots. Not exactly what you want to be thinking about when enjoying a meal.

What I will say about the meal is it wasn’t too heavy for being a pasta dish. Again, all the ingredients were good, the dish just didn’t knock my socks off and I don’t know that it all went well together.

Libby was unimpressed with her Strip Steak. I tried a little and have to agree. It came with some summer squash and zucchini which was good, but a little heavy on the oil.

Lindsey’s Brick Chicken was by far the best thing we all tried that night. It was served with something the menu described as “new potatoes” (mashed maybe?) and an egg on top. The actual chicken was by far the best part. It was flavored beautifully and tender and juicy.


We gabbed away as we ate and then came the time to ask the girls what they thought as we discussed our meals.

We were all kind of left with a “meh”.

Basically everything was nothing like we expected. This could be a good thing, but I don’t feel (and the girls agreed) that it really delivered.

There were some great ingredients but none of them tasted fresh. Everything seemed sort of….mushy. As if it had been cooked a while ago and reheated. I’m not here to claim that is the case, but nothing tasted fresh.

I was particularly excited for the Mushroom Fried Rice, and was pretty disappointed by it. It wasn’t even that it was terrible, it just wasn’t mushroom fried rice to me.

I can appreciate the creativity and trying to separate themselves from the many other downtown restaurants, but it just didn’t deliver for me.

After we finished dinner, we decided to head to their basement for one last drink before heading home.

I’ve always loved going to Principle’s Basement. It’s kind of like a speakeasy and they have a cool dumbwaiter to get the drinks from upstairs to down without the poor servers having to haul them up and down the stairs.

It has an old basement feel like grandma’s old furniture. You can hear the ceiling creak as people walk around in the main restaurant.  I don’t know why my friends and I love it so much but it’s just fun and feels a little like a secret spot. It’s often hard to find a place to sit down there as there are only about 3-4 barstools and a couch and a few other chairs. It’s typically crowded.

Lindsey was particularly excited and had wanted to eat down here. I was mean and told her “no” because I didn’t think they served food down there. She was very disappointed when our new server in the basement said “Oh you guys should have had your dinner down here!”. Oops! Sorry Lindsey!

In my defense, There aren’t really tables down there. Doesn’t seem like a very comfortable place to eat!

We enjoyed our last drink down in the basement and headed home.

I still love Principle and would highly recommend it for a before or after dinner cocktail. It’s got a great atmosphere, great service, and even better drinks.

The food was disappointing.

I give Principle a:



Principle is open Sunday-Thursdays from  4:30p–10:30p and Friday and Saturdays from 4p–12a.

Old Friends-Part One

A few weeks ago, two of my good friends that I’ve known since the first grade wanted to come for a visit! Although we don’t live that far away from each other, we don’t see each other often enough. We were going to be leaving for Holland, Michigan the following day to attend our other good friend’s bachelorette party and bridal shower, so we decided to start a day early at my place!
The girls arrived at my salon that I work at, where one of the girls, Lindsey, had an appointment. I was going to be doing her hair and our other friend, Libby, came to the appointment with her so we could chat as I worked away. Afterwards, we ran to Target (YAY!) to get a few last minute things for the bachelorette party. We dropped our things at my house and made our way to Downtown Kalamazoo.
We had earlier decided to eat at Principle but we weren’t able to get a reservation until almost 8:00 pm so we figured we should stop somewhere for a drink and light snacks to hold us over.
I suggested we go to The Stamped Robin.


A Brunch to Remember

A few weeks back, I made my first visit to Bravo with my Supper Club members. I had an amazing time and ate a lot of wonderful food!

When I posted about the experience I had, Bravo saw my post and thanked me for such a positive review, and invited me to come back and try their brunch!

I was excited because like i said, I really enjoyed my meal with them, and I have heard from multiple people that brunch is where it’s at with Bravo.

I made a reservation for that Sunday at 10:30 (right when they open) for myself and Brandon. We were excited to be able to do this! It had been awhile since he and I had gone out to eat. Since starting this blog, a lot of my friends and family members have been excited to be included and love to get the opportunity to go out to eat and share their opinions with me. Continue reading “A Brunch to Remember”